i consider it a special privilege to wish the bride on behalf classmates the best of luck and much happiness on the occasion of her wedding。非常荣幸代表新娘的同学在新娘结婚的大喜之日来祝贺她多福、美满。

may everyday in your life together be as full of happiness and joy as your wedding day。 愿你俩的每一天都能像新婚时一样,洋溢着快乐和喜悦。

words can’t express what is in their hearts。 bob and mary will never forget you for what you have done for them。言辞无法表达他们的感受,鲍伯和玛莉将不会忘记你们尽心尽力为他们所做的事。

i will conclude by congratulating the young couple on their marriage, and wishing them a long life of happiness together。最后我们恭喜这对年轻新人,祝他们白头偕老,幸福美满。

it is my great privilege, on this most auspicious occasion, to say a word of congratulation to the groom, mr。 smith, and to wish much happiness to his lovely bride。在这个良辰吉时,我很荣幸向新郎史密斯先生说恭喜,并祝他的可爱的新娘幸福美满。

wish you much happiness together。 愿你俩婚姻幸福美满。

today is indeed a joyous occasion for all of us present here。对我们列席的每个人而言,今天真是个令人欢欣的日子。

congratulations and have a beautiful honeymoon。 恭喜你们,祝你们有个美好的蜜月。

you two are the prince and princess in a fairy tale and may you live happily everafter! 你俩正如童话故事中的王子和公主,祝你们永远幸福快乐!

for a special couple: congratulations on your wedding。 献给一对与众不同的新人:祝新婚快乐。

i’m sure everyone here joins me in wishing you two, bob and mary, the very best that life has to offer you in your marriage。我确信今天在座的每个人都会和我一同祝福鲍伯和玛莉们俩过最美满的婚姻生活。

allow me to conclude my brief speech by wishing the bride and bridegroom all happiness and the best of luck for the future。谨祝新郎新娘将来美满、多福,作为我短短讲这些话的结束。